We continue to talk about the Spitzer program and its impact on our Company - an important indicator it does make a difference. ~ Bob Gunia, Physicians Mutual.  Senior Vice President, Public Affairs Group
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Motivate for Contribution

The Four Levels of Happiness seminar conveys a model for success in life and work that is highly motivating and unifying. Written evaluations from thousands of participants cite common themes:

  • I am so excited that the Officer Group participated in this seminar together. The emphasis on our happiness and that of all employees is exciting and meaningful.
  • Found it interesting, informative and entertaining.
  • I love both the simplicity of the levels as well as the depth and clarity of thinking they provide.
  • Relevant to work, relevant to life.
  • Meaningful information – allowed me time to reflect on my life, my values and aspirations.
  • Very motivating.

The seminar rallies leaders and employees around a simple model and shared language – to make an optimal positive difference with their lives and talents. It shows how comparison tends to undermine contribution and common cause, and how individuals, Four Levels of Happinessteams and organizations can optimize and elevate the powerful drive for happiness and direct it toward shared goals, productivity and enduring results.

Interactive and entertaining, the seminar is best delivered in a one day format, but can be adapted for a shorter time frame. Workbook with CDs and online tools are also available.




Our management team found the Spitzer programs enlightening, unifying and practical. We immediately and enthusiastically adopted the model and language for our own culture to very good effect.
Dan Dolsen ~ 
Managing Director, CBRE Healthcare Services Group