Reinforce for Competence

Enhanced CONTRIBUTION, CLARITY and CONFIDENCE will automatically produce greater business success. But mastery is essential to secure success over the long haul. We are what we repeatedly do. Reinforcement transforms desired behaviors into habits that can be counted on.

Our Tool Kit #2 is designed to reinforce the principles and techniques gained in the first three steps. These resources include:

  • Best practice webinars. These interactive learning sessions feature the shared knowledge of Spitzer Center clients from around the country as well as Q&A with the founder himself.
  • Leadership Impact Survey. This diagnostic and professional debrief is modeled on the broader culture survey (step two) to give individual managers real-life feedback and insight to enhance their self knowledge and effectiveness.
  • Executive coaching. The Spitzer Center business professionals bring informed and seasoned counsel for personalized development.
  • Online training resources. A variety of interactive tools are available for instruction and measurement of mastery.

Quotes from Participants

  • The second session made the first session more meaningful.
  • The choice is mine – I have the power within to set new goals and to grow beyond my current “normal”.
  • Self-directed change is possible through envisioning a future & then purposefully becoming dissatisfied with the present, and moving toward the envisioned future.
  • Excellent, patient, precise & extremely motivating.