Our Story

The first seed of what would become the Spitzer Center was sown during an exploratory meeting between Fr. Robert Spitzer and Mr. Jim Berlucchi in a Chicago hotel in the summer of 2003.

Fr. Spitzer was the President of Gonzaga University and also served as the international chaplain for Legatus, an organization of Catholic CEOs. Berlucchi had served as the Executive Director for ten years.

At that meeting the idea was proposed. Why not convert Fr. Spitzer’s writings and audiotapes into a dynamic video curriculum that could reach many thousands all around the world?

Why not?

With Fr. Spitzer’s guidance, Berlucchi embarked upon the task of developing extensive collateral materials. In 2004 the first curriculum was piloted with St. Vincent Health Care System in Indianapolis. Further successes that year led to the establishment of a non-profit educational institute in February 2005– The Spitzer Center for Ethical Leadership. A board of directors was formed under the leadership of Mr. Henry Frigon, the mission was established and the Center headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

To date, the Spitzer Center programs have been enthusiastically received by thousands of individuals in scores of both faith-based and business organizations. The Center’s faith-based mission is to help church organizations optimize their culture, confidence, spirituality and faith for the new evangelization.