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Sacred and Secular. Prophet and Profit, Faith and Business – the Spitzer Center has them all.
After years of navigating between the faith and business spheres, the Spitzer Center has brought its’ faith-based and business umbrellas under one big Spitzer tent. As of February 5, our website directs users from the main Spitzer Center landing page to two distinct websites – Spitzer Center in Faith and Spitzer Center in Business.
 “From the start we have always embraced the challenge of meeting the needs of two very different audiences – faith-based organizations and secular, for-profit businesses.  Fr. Spitzer’s insights apply so well to both worlds. While we feel we have effectively been serving both audiences, it’s been tricky and sometimes confusing to integrate as well as distinguish between the two,” noted Executive Director Jim Berlucchi.
Berlucchi continued, “In traversing those two worlds we have sometimes tilted our curriculum toward the secular, and then back to the sacred. Our original work was in the business arena where Fr. Spitzer had such a significant impact on companies like Costco, Toyota and Boeing. But there was always lots of interest from church circles, so much so that we added spiritually focused programs for those audiences.”
In 2012 it was decided to clearly segregate services and products for the two sectors. The website has been revamped to express that change. The site now features Fr. Spitzer on the Faith side in Roman collar and the mission to strengthen culture, faith and spirituality in church organizations. The Spitzer Center’s business side, featuring Berlucchi in suit and tie, highlights its goal to optimize happiness for business success.
 “We’ve also added a lot more information about what we do and how we do it,” noted Berlucchi. Thousands of people in both faith-based and business organizations have gone through our programs since 2005. It was fascinating to review reams of evaluations and spot the common themes. Repeatedly, they cite the value of learning principles, models and language that are inspiring, insightful and practical. We’ve taken a smidgen of those comments and sprinkled them through the website to give readers a sense of the impact.”
Fr. Spitzer adds: “Our two missions, though different in focus, really express our singular aspiration to elevate the human spirit. We want to provide wisdom and resources that will give people and organizations a more profound sense of meaning, deeper fulfillment, and nobler sense of self. Our goal is to help every individual and group we serve to make an optimal positive difference with their lives.”
That optimal positive difference thing seems to be working well on both sides of the fence.
The Spitzer Center engages the hearts and minds of its participants.  By focusing on the whole person, it offers growth opportunities not commonly found in other development programs.  We continue to talk about the program and its impact on our Company – an important indicator it does make a difference.    Bob Gunia, Senior VP for Public Affairs, Physicians Mutual
The Spitzer Center’s programs are hugely beneficial. They took us to a much higher level and elevated how we treat each other in the chancery and in the diocesan pastoral center, which translates to our work in parishes and our volunteer work. I’d love to see it go nationwide.  Donna Marino, President of the Catholic Community Foundation of Phoenix