Journey to Excellence - Overview

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle

Even with great missions many Catholic organizations still have cultures which get in the way of achieving their noble goals. The Spitzer Center’s core program, Journey to Excellence, provides a roadmap for Catholic leaders and staff to build better habits for more dynamic and effective cultures of evangelization. Presented in a four-phase process over a series of months, it unifies Catholic staffs around powerful core concepts and a common language.


The Journey to Excellence curriculum is built on the solid rock of our Catholic philosophical and theological traditions. Borrowing extensively from the insights of Aristotle, Augustine and Aquinas, it provides a readily accessible introduction to notions of happiness and the virtues. Handouts include scores of references from Scripture, the Saints and Doctor of the Church, the Universal Catechism, and Church Documents. Flavor of the month, this is not.


The findings from the emerging field called “Positive Psychology” complement the Church’s expertise on the human person. Appropriately, our approach emphasizes human flourishing, the cultivation of the Cardinal virtues, and the development of human potential. We teach principles and practical techniques for building good habits and increasing trust, creativity and achievement


Journey to Excellence is not a quick fix, superficial approach. Rather it is a deliberate progression, over a defined period, toward a clear vision of a dynamic and faith-filled culture. The four phases embody an integrated combination of education, diagnostics, and customized consultation and coaching.

Multi Disciplinary

Journey to Excellence is a synthesis of wisdom borrowed from 150 prominent sources over more than two millennia. It represents Fr. Robert Spitzer’s research and insights from the fields of psychology, philosophy, theology, and management science.


The professionally facilitated series integrates video instruction featuring Fr. Robert Spitzer, poignant and entertaining movie clips, power points, music samples, and online resources – crafted for adult learning styles. Our method is highly interactive. Participants engage in exercises, discussion at table, and personal reflection.

The Journey to Excellence program speaks to everyone, no matter where they are in their life journey. The solid philosophical principles rooted in our Catholic tradition foster personal insight for us individually and improve our ability to collaborate together for common goals. – Most Reverend Thomas J. Olmsted, Bishop of the Diocese of Phoenix

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