Phase 2 ~ Clarify

The Gospel lives in conversation with culture. - St. John Paul II

Since the goal of evangelization is to create the possibility of an encounter with Jesus Christ (Instrumentum Laboris), a happy, contributive culture is the best environment to foster that encounter.

While Catholic organizations have great visions, their performance is often hampered by a less effective culture. Similarly, while these same organizations often have well conceived strategic plans, few have culture plans. And since culture eats strategy for lunch, strategies will fail or succeed according to the strengths or weaknesses of the culture.

Journey to Excellence Phase 2 brings clarity to the often-fuzzy notions of culture. We use a proven diagnostic survey which reveals specific strengths and weaknesses of how people serve together. It pinpoints actual behaviors which are helping or hindering trust, unity, and effectiveness.

Through this diagnostic, leaders also envision their ideal culture. Among twelve options Catholic leadership teams have consistently preferred two – a strong Humanistic-Encouraging people style along with a strong Achievement task style.

The same survey measures the state of the current, or actual culture. It highlights very specific gaps between the ideal and current cultures. Those gaps point to habits which, when addressed, will move the culture much closer to the leadership ideal.

With this clarity and common language, leaders and staff can work together to improve their culture in a very intentional way. The 12 styles also correlate to the Four Levels of Happiness™ as well as the Cardinal virtues.

We’ve become a much more intelligent company, thinking better, communicating better, planning better, and making fewer mistakes. The Spitzer Center for Ethical Leadership has greatly helped us improve our culture. - Jeff Smith, President, The Word Among Us

People told me they’ve had similar thoughts and reflections, but they didn’t know how it all came together until they heard it articulated in the training sessions. The Spitzer Center’s framework provides a way to pull it all together mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. - Winifred Williams, Director, Ed. & Org. Development, Sisters of Charity Leavenworth Health System

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