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Audio CD Set: The Spirit of Leadership

This series of talks by Father Spitzer is based on his influential book of the same title. It provides an excellent overview of his life-changing philosophy and insights and is perfect for those who prefer to listen while driving or relaxing. The total running time is four hours, and the set is divided into four CD's, each covering one key topic: Leadership in the 21st Century, Silver Rule Ethics, the Four Levels of Happiness®, and Optimizing Trust.

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Book: The Spirit of Leadership
Optimizing Creativity and Change in Organizations

Many Organizations have invested in the skills and structures of change but have forgotten the more intangible quality of spirit. As a result, their changes have been short-lived, their adaptability slow, and their ability to move to the "next level" nonexistent. Father Bob Spitzer shows leaders how to instill this Spirit of Leadership and achieve both personal fulfillment and organizational success.

"Bob Spitzer has drawn a blueprint for ethical consideration and conduct within our organization at every level of activity." 
-Jim Sinegal, President and CEO, Costco Wholesale Corporation

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Book: Five Pillars of the Spiritual Life

Fr. Spitzer, former President of Gonzaga University, current President of The Spitzer Center for Ethical Leadership (Ann Arbor, MI), and the Magis Institute (Irvine, CA), is a highly regarded spiritual teacher and writer. This book presents a practical, yet rich guide for helping busy people develop a regular and deeper prayer life. Based on many successful retreats and seminars he has given to much acclaim over the years, this brilliant Jesuit priest presents five essential means through which the contemplative and active aspects of our lives can be fused together for a stronger spiritual life.

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Single Audio CD:  The Four Levels of Happiness

Much of Fr. Robert Spitzer’s teaching is rooted in the Four Levels of Happiness®. This single audio CD, taken from the Spirit of Leadership CD series, provides Fr. Spitzer’s overview of this life-changing insight and makes an ideal introduction to his philosophy. The 60-minute CD covers five topics:

  • Why Is Happiness Key?
  • The Lower Levels of Happiness
  • The Higher Levels of Happiness
  • The Four Levels – Issues and Advice
  • The Remedy for the Comparison Game

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 Book: New Proofs for the Existence of God
 Contributions of Contemporary Physics and


Robert J. Spitzer's award winning book, New Proofs for the Existence of God, examines the considerable evidence for God and creation that has come to light from physics and philosophy during the last forty years. An expert in diverse areas, including theology, physics, metaphysics, and ethics, Spitzer offers in this text the most contemporary, complete, and integrated approach to rational theism currently available. 


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Book: Ten Universal Principles
A Brief Philosophy of the Life Issues

In Ten Universal Principles: A Brief Philosophy of the Life Issues, Jesuit Father Robert Spitzer sets out, in a brief yet highly readable andlucid style, ten basifc principles that must govern the reasonable person's thinking and acting about life issues. A widely respected philosopher, Father Spitzer provides an intelligent outline for thinking and talking about human life.

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Book: Healing the Culture

This groundbreaking work addresses the connection between the culture's view of everything from happiness and success, to self-worth, love, suffering, ethics, freedom and personhood, and shows how our notion of personhood   holds the key not only to the concept of ourselves but also to the future of rights and the common good.

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