"Our seminarians found the exploration of the virtues to be illuminating, inspiring and practical for their growth in maturity and holiness." Fr. Jim Thermos, Director of Spirituality Year, John Paul II Seminary
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What We Do

We Cultivate Culture

Our Journey to Excellence series optimizes three levels of culture:

1. A Culture of ContributionThe Four Levels of Happiness. We begin with happiness. Aristotle, Augustine and Aquinas agree that happiness is the one thing we desire in and for itself. The Four Levels of Happiness® provides a common roadmap and language for higher purpose and growth in virtue.

The Four Levels of Happiness in the context of our spiritual lives is a perfect response to the call to the new evangelization. I am recommending it to other Catholic pastors and leaders. – Fr. Edward Estok, Pastor, St. Albert the Great

2. A Culture of Character The Four Cardinal Virtues We explore the classic virtues which make for human flourishing and fruitfulness. Our exploration of the four cardinal virtues equips participants to understand the nature of each virtue, how they fit together, and their impact on our life and work.

3. A Culture of ConsistencyThe Organizational Cultural Inventory.  We use a proven diagnostic survey which reveals the strengths and weaknesses of how people serve together. It pinpoints specific behaviors to increase for optimal trust, unity, and effectiveness.

We’ve become a much more intelligent company, thinking better, communicating better, planning better, and making fewer mistakes. The Spitzer Center has greatly helped us improve our culture. Jeff Smith, President, The Word Among Us