People told me they’ve had similar thoughts and reflections, but they didn’t know how it all came together until they heard it articulated in the training sessions. The Spitzer Center’s framework provides a way to pull it all together mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. — Winifred Williams, Director, Ed. & Org. Development, Sisters of Charity Leavenworth Health System
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The Center provides education, resources and diagnostics for strengthening a Catholic mission-driven culture with a diverse workforce.

  • Trinity Health System
  • Sisters of Charity Health System
  • St. Vincent Health System
  • OSF Health Care System
  • St. John's Hospital, Santa Monica


Love it! Very thought provoking, yet able to relate it to real life immediately.

Very positive. I look forward to the continuation of the series.

I loved the learning the different levels. The material is easy to understand and makes sense. I can's wait to learn more.

Made me reflect on my life and how I can improve and be a better person.