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The Four Levels of Happiness®

Four Levels of Happiness

Happiness is the only goal that people pursue for its own sake, which makes it an ideal lens for explaining why people and organizations behave as they do. Put simply, happiness can be sought at higher or lower levels that either lift us up or drag us down.


The Four Levels of Happiness model aligns well with the Christian view of the human person. While all the levels are good, happiness becomes more pervasive, enduring and deep as one goes up the scale. Level Four represents the perfect, unrestricted and eternal happiness that comes from union with God. The grace of divine love also helps individuals and groups to enjoy the lower levels in a healthy way.


The Four Levels model is also a practical tool for organizational growth. It shows leaders how to elevate the powerful drive for happiness and direct it toward contribution over comparison, trust over suspicion, and optimism over pessimism. Click here for a full description of the Four Levels.



July 24, 2017

Video Story: Reflections from Phoenix

Earlier this year, the Spitzer Center reported on lessons learned to date from our long-term involvement with the Diocese of Phoenix. Many of the comments included in that report were taken from series of video interviews with Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted and other leaders from the diocese.

We’ve used excerpts from these interviews to create an inspiring 10-minute video, which allows participants to describe in their own words what they Journey showed them about happiness, leadership, virtue, trust, and faith.


Reflections on the Spitzer Center's Programs from the Diocese of Phoenix from John A. Keenan on Vimeo.


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